Zebra Robotics

    • Type: Retail

    • Size: 1,500-2,000 SF

    • Target Market: North America

    • Agent: Avi Behar, Adam Henechowicz, Larissa Jacobson-Rooke

Additional Requirements:

  • Territory allocation is approximately 8,000 kids in the grade 1-12 range and household income of $100,000-$120,000.
  • Washroom on-site is mandatory.
  • Zoning for kids activity/school/assembly.

Tenant Information 

Zebra Robotics was founded in 2014. Their mission is to empower people with robotics, coding, and

technology. The founders of Zebra Robotics come from a technology background. The concept began at home, nearly a decade ago: Thiyagarajan’s son loved robotics, and at the time, there wasn’t much opportunity to pursue that interest. So, they started teaching him. Soon, their son’s friends wanted to join, so they did. With a move from the USA to Canada, they decided to try the concept with a bigger audience. The Thiyagarajans secured some space in the local community centre, and the first session sold out pretty much instantly. The sessions grew, as did participation. In 2015 they made Zebra a full-time venture.

In 2018, Zebra decided to expand its curriculum and footprint. Zebra Robotics now has over 25 courses, covering robotics, coding, and technology programs. Zebra Robotics innovative approach to STEM education equips students with the skills and knowledge required to have the upper hand in a fast-paced, technology-driven future. With head offices in Canada and the USA, the company is expanding organically through franchising.