Holy Shakes Dessert Café

    • Suggested Size – 800 – 2,200 sq ft
    • Location – Multiple Locations Across Ontario, BC and Alberta
    • Agent –  Kelly Farraj, Larissa Jacobson-Rooke


Site Criteria

    • Ventilation: Required

    • End caps with patio is preferred.

    • Close to major intersections and commercial nodes.


Tenant Information 

We are on a mission to create products that would keep the customer coming back for that wow factor and unmatched taste for desserts and mash-up eats. The mission leads us to a vision of being the most enviable brand to the competition when it comes to creativity, taste & presentation. Our restaurants bring happiness and vibe not only through the look, feel and taste but because of the people we hire & our social media reach. Holyshakes believes & thrives to offer inviting & welcoming ambience for all demographics and highly take pride in the motto “Unity in Diversity”. A casual hip & happening spot for all to enjoy sweet indulgence.

For more information, visit: www.holyshakes.ca


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