Edo Japan

    • Region – Newmarket, Oakville, South Etobicoke
    • Type: Fast-food Restaurant – Street Front, Mall, & Food Court
    • Size: 1,000 – 1,500 SF
    • Target Markets: Ontario *Excluding Ottawa and surrounding area past Kingston
    • Agent – Greg Rabin


Tenant Information 

Edo Japan (“Edo”) is one of Canada’s fastest growing franchises. As the first fast-casual Japanese-inspired franchise in Canada, Edo has grown a loyal following with more than 170 locations across Canada.

Since 1979, Edo has become a staple in the Canadian food landscape – serving customers across the country.

Edo’s success originates from its long-standing history of excellence, ensuring quality is always top of mind. Since its founding by Reverend Susumu Ikuta, a Japanese Buddhist minister, in Calgary, Alberta, the restaurant was designed to bring the freshness of hot Japanese Teppan-style cooking to street front restaurants, shopping centres and food courts across Canada.



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