This Summer has been an amazing opportunity to discover the world of both marketing and real estate. We both gained insightful real world experience that has really allowed us to learn more about ourselves and the career path we want to take.

We attribute a lot of our success to the amazing team we have had around us throughout the summer, the meaningful connections we have cultivated we know will benefit us as we enter our future careers.

Jake and I have had some time to think over some of the questions we’ve been asked by our manager, Jen.

What did you like MOST about working here over the summer?

Both Jake and I agreed that it’s the family oriented culture of TBG that makes it such a unique and special place, as this environment is seldom found in the real estate industry. Walking into work every day knowing that you have a team you can depend on and collaborate with makes the world of a difference. Over our time here at TBG, we have not only established strong relationships with agents and coworkers, but we’ve been able to develop friendships as well.

Did you have a favourite experience?

Anasofia: Although I don’t have a specific experience per say, my favourite moments are when the agents are at the office and there’s an office buzz because there’s more people than usual. Anytime the agents are at the office, there’s always great, funny and interesting conversations that occur which makes time go by fast and you’re just engaged the entire day.

Jake: A main goal of mine that I had for TBG was to further my understanding of what the day to day of a commercial real estate agent looks like, since it is a career path I am strongly considering. As a result, my favourite experience was a task I was given by an agent to find suitable retail locations for a client intending on opening a cannabis dispensary. Due to the nature and unfamiliarity of legal cannabis storefronts, it was kind of a unique and unorthodox process to find locations, demonstrating the dynamic nature of this industry, which is something I value for a future career.

What’s one (or two) thing(s) that you learned that you’ll take away?

Anasofia: I learned so much throughout my time here at TBG about the real estate industry, marketing and myself. I realized that I love content creation for social media and I am also pretty good at developing plans and creating blogs. This job has allowed me to step into a totally new world of blog writing, which is something that I have really become passionate about and have thought about starting my own blog. Another thing I have learned is the key importance of a strong marketing strategy, and to create one that is dynamic and adaptable to a changing environment. Whether it be through social media, email or simple branding, having a well planned and executed strategy is crucial to the success of your business.

Jake: The greatest learning from my time at TBG was discovering how a real estate agent is very similar to an entrepreneur. I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and real estate and from this experience, I have learned that working in this industry would be a perfect way of combining both passions. Additionally, I learned how to leverage the capabilities of different software platforms, such as Costar, MLS, and Piinpoint. The knowledge I have from these platforms will allow me to use to my advantage for future opportunities in the real estate industry, which will undoubtedly be beneficial in my professional career.

What surprised you about your internship with us?

Anasofia: What surprised me the most was how much autonomy I had in my job. Obviously I was given tasks to accomplish and I had a routine, but Jen and the TBG team really allowed me to take creative control in all of my projects. I never felt afraid to speak my mind and propose new ideas or solutions, and in fact, I was always encouraged and asked to do so. As an intern, it’s sometimes daunting to enter a new work environment and propose your own suggestions. Although I was not surprised that they were open to my suggestions, it was more so to the extent. It’s amazing to be able to work for a company that not only allows for you to express your creative freedom, but they also strongly encourage it.

Jake: What surprised me most about my time at TBG was the willingness of agents to sacrifice their time in order to enhance my internship experience. Due to the commission based nature of this type of work, I did not expect agents to go out of there way to include me in projects and spend their valuable time answering my questions and teaching me about this industry.

If you ever have the opportunity to work for a company like TBG, you are so lucky. There is so many things to learn and you’re surrounded by people who want to see you grow and be the best version of yourself. You come to work everyday feeling like you are surrounded by family, welcomed with open arms and ready to take action.