“I want to take you on an adventure” said Tony Chapman to begin his presentation at OREA’s new three-day conference, REALiTY. “There’s one word that matters to all of us…and that word is attention.”

It’s true.

And it is becoming even more difficult these days to receive that attention.

What can we do?

Tony tells us that we have a choice. To be a transformation. Or, to be a transaction. “If you’re just in the business of making deals, you wont last.”

So, how can we transform?

By the stories we tell. Stories can change the conversation and are a powerful vehicle of communication.

Throughout his presentation, Tony gave examples of stories that have stood out.

My take-aways?

  • Let your clients shine in the stories you tell. Let them be the protagonist. Tell THEIR story.

  • Sell into your customers moments.

  • “It’s all about becoming your customers’ yoda.”

team ebhar yoda.JPG

Many of those who were at the conference seemed to enjoy the presentation too.

Posts via Twitter:

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Overall, great presentation Tony. And to the team at OREA, we’re looking forward to next year’s conference!


Tony, if you’re reading this, thank you for playing one of my favourite advertisements during your presentation.

I have always loved it. Why?

You can’t go wrong with a great story + puppies! Appealing to emotions almost always works…

For those who didn’t see the clip…