In addition to our 11 new sales representatives at #TeamBehar, we have also grown our corporate team to support our growth. 

At one time, not that long ago, in addition to Avi and Greg, our internal team was comprised of 2-3 amazing people, and over the past couple of years, we have grown our support team to over 9 people. What once used to be a small weekly virtual huddle – has now grown to a full screen of people on our weekly Zoom calls.  

Although our sales representatives are out in the world securing deals and connecting with clients – our internal corporate team that is vital to all of our success and daily operations at The Behar Group.  

Our sales representative growth over the past few years would not have been possible without growing our internal team, as each individual plays an important role in our business. Whether it’s developing HR, accounting and compliance policies, marketing materials, social media content, posting all of our listings and organizing MLS files, or researching all areas of CRE in Ontario, our team is stronger because of them.  

We’d now like to formally introduce you to our most recent additions to #TeamBehar:

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Each have a vast array of work experience that help the, contributes to The Behar Group. It is because of them that our team has become stronger! 

We always ask “What made you join The Behar Group?” Although we have expanded our team with sales representatives, we wanted to see if the responses from our internal staff differed on what made them join The Behar Group. 

As our Director of Marketing & Business Development, Shahzad Gidwani explained “I was personally attracted to the work culture and the feeling of inclusivism. I felt that my international experience and exposure would have a positive influence on the group’s success” 

Our team thrives in its family-like environment. We pride ourselves on our close-knit relationships with one another and leaving room for not only working with each other, but connecting with one another. This not only applies with our sales representatives but also on an internal level. We work closely together to develop solutions and help one another to solve any issues.  

Michael MacGregor, Director of Research, Analysis & Strategy, added “What I like most about TBG is the openness to share and pitch in; whether that’s from agents throwing one another opportunities and leads, or fellow administrative staff sharing ideas and resources. The genuine desire that all members of the group have to see their peers succeed is heartwarming.”  

When we think about the Behar Group – Teamwork is a great word to use. We work together and we win together. We are all open to helping each other and working on projects together so that we can succeed.  

Our internal team expansions have only further complemented our original team of internal powerhouses and we are delighted to have them help grow our brand.