Business practices throughout the world have changed dramatically over the past few years. Our team at The Behar Group continues to evolve in an exciting way. One of the most positive changes to our business has been with our company growth.  

Over the past two and a half years, our team has expanded with over 8 new sales representatives and brokers.  

The Behar Group prides itself on its unique corporate culture, with a team of hands-on, focused and dedicated professionals that care deeply about team collaboration and client service.  

Our new members have all strengthened our core values and have brought their own flare and expertise to the team.  

We want to celebrate our new team members and highlight what attracted them to #teambehar. 

While we will continue to announce new additions as they arrive, we are so happy to highlight the people that have joined our family and team in the past 2 years:

Our brokers are thought leaders with diverse business expertise and focus. Connect and learn about all of them on LinkedIn. (Click their names to access their LinkedIn’s)

In the real estate world, when looking for a brokerage to work at, there are thousands of brokerages to choose from. When we asked our new team members “what made you want to join TBG?”, the message was clear: Our team & culture.  

Responses varied from our team’s “great credibility and work ethic” (Rene Ragazzi) to “alignment with Behar’s energy and goals along with my own” (Jay Richmond & Karen Koenig), but overall, over 80% of our new team members surveyed made note about our corporate culture and values.  

Corporate culture and values are something that makes each one of those brokerages different – and one aspect of why we consider ourselves unique in the industry. 

 When we surveyed our team, we also wanted to know, “What should be considered when joining a brokerage? More specifically – why would someone want to join TBG?”  

 Once again, majority of our team members had the same views: Our family culture and management team.  

As David Steinhouse expressed: “The culture is more like a family atmosphere, everyone helps each other even though we may compete with each other. The management is available at all times to assist you in reaching your goals, dreams and aspirations, while providing a solid platform for training, education and coaching.”  

At TBG, our team members are family and management places great emphasis on coaching, collaboration and feedback to help all of our members learn and succeed. The possibilities at our firm are endless – we want our team to have ambitious goals and help them find the best way to achieve them.  

To some people we may seem like a small boutique brokerage, but we are a mighty one (and a mighty growing one at that).  

 In the past few years we have done a great job adding amazing agents to our team – we’re not just stopping there. We are always looking to hire passionate individuals for our team.  

If you’re interested in joining and would thrive in a family-like and collaborative environment, please reach out directly to our President, Greg Evans at