“Pivoting isn’t PLAN B. It’s part of the process”- Jeff Goins. 

COVID-19 has brought upon many unimaginable challenges in our lives and has affected almost every business. 

Luxury retail and Lifestyle brands have not been unscathed. When so many people are turning to the basics of life, how might these businesses and perhaps more importantly, the people behind them who rely on their sustainability for their own professional survival, adapt to thrive? 

The CP Group, a PR and luxury concierge agency, has some suggestions on how these businesses might adapt their strategies. 

  Below highlights the 5 tips for Luxury & Lifestyle companies on how to come out of the pandemic stronger: 
Create a new event framework: 


In person, social un-distanced product launches, fashion shows and parties may sound thrilling, but as of right now, they are a thing of the past (we hope not for long). 

Embrace digital: Businesses have learned (or must learn) to change the existing event framework and re-create it in the digital realm. For CP Group clients, this meant more events like digital fashion brand previews and online social events paired with curated mailed dinner boxes, which showcased the future possibilities that were available. 


  The Power of Collaboration: 

Why go at it alone? People do not want to log into Zoom event after Zoom event. In person events at Fashion Week or the Formula 1 would often compete.  What an opportunity to collaborate with multiple partners and agencies in different industries (and even friendly competitors) to combine efforts & budget and increase your event reach and find innovative ways to connect since in-person events haven’t been possible. 

Changing the Dynamic of Client Relationships: Maintaining Social Relationships Remotely 

pexels-anna-shvets-4226140 (1).jpg

With everyone’s lives being personally impacted, businesses have had to reevaluate the meaning of customer service and how best to build authentic and meaningful relationships during a time where you cannot be together physically. Fostering an empathetic and supportive relationship with your customer will always help build that connection and brand loyalty without requiring a physical presence. 

Shrinking budgets with luxury clients. 

Your customers and team are loyal to your brand. Look after them today, and you will have them tomorrow. The luxury brand and lifestyle offerings are struggling, but so are many of their customers. Take this time to nurture the client relationship, share your values and create a supportive community with the firm belief in your brand, that the customer will come back when life returns to normal.  Even if you have to spend less on your own budget, find creative ways to maintain contact. 


Convincing clients (and your own brand) to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Taking this time to evolve and offering the opportunities for customers to explore new experiences with your brand should remind us that thinking outside the box can bring great rewards. 

Behind every transaction is a person. No person has been unaffected by the global pandemic.  Pushing your business outside of its traditional framework with a sincere goal of connecting with your customer will always lead to great results. 


Although the pandemic has brought upon many challenges for all types of businesses and industries – it has been a time to pivot and re-learn your business and take adversities and turn them into opportunities. 


About The CP Group: 

Our agency is not about commerce – it’s about community. We will listen to learn and utilize our creativity and commitment to excellence to contribute to an agency that every team member – and client – can be proud of. Our teams have a combined experience of 10 years, and we are excited about the next decade. 

  Our mission is to offer clients customized services from luxury levels to one-on-one services for their brand or product. Our agency has taken the old ways of Public Relations and the new age of service and created something truly special for our clients. We have taken the opportunity to merge our services of PR and Luxury Lifestyle concierge services under one roof. 

TBG would like to personally thank this blog article’s contributor, Vedika Solecki, who is the owner of the CP Group.