Now that we are coming up on the six-month mark since we have started working from home, we decided to speak to three of our CRE agents to see how they have adapted to the new normal.

In your own words, what are the advantages of working from home right now? 

Janis: One of the main advantages of working from home during this COVID lockdown has been an increase in productivity as a result of less traveling to meetings and sites. There is also a financial benefit with the reduced cost of traveling. 

Daniel: Working from home allows for a more relaxed environment; whereby, I can be in more casual attire while conducting business. When needing a break, I can walk the dog, have a chat with my wife, or even get on the peloton and work out or ride my bike through the beltline! 

Peter: Not having to commute to work and being able to spend more time with my kids.

What have you found the most stressful about working from home? 

J: I think the most prominent “stress” staying at home is that you “never leave the office”. It becomes more difficult for you to “switch off” from the work mode. Also, not being able to meet my clients face to face, which is a significant part of being successful in this industry. 

D: Although the environment allows for a more casual approach, being 100% present can make it a challenge when your partner needs you or my young teenager needs an answer or help with something, in the exact minute. 

P: Being able to establish a “work” mode with all the home-based distractions – and eating too much!

Have you learned anything new about your position while working from home? 

J: The biggest learning curve for me while working from home is technology. With the help of great Behar team members, I have learned how to keep in touch with my clients and continue to work and develop my business. 

D: I wouldn’t say I’ve learned anything new about my position because being a self-employed contractor in this business for over 20 years, the basics rarely change. What has changed is the way you approach conversations with people and your family. Being sensitive to people’s needs is always essential, but more so now, because so many people have different challenges under this pandemic. 

P: I’m learning every day as this whole thing is new to me.  It’s great to be part of a team and feel that I’m experiencing this along with others in the same boat.

What is the best thing The Behar Group does to help you be the most successful while working from home?

J: The Behar Group, throughout this challenging time, has pushed to keep the team together and maintain our strong family environment, which has made TBG, prior to the pandemic, the best in the industry.  

D: Having a company with a healthy presence goes a long way. In the world of conducting business digitally, online presence and communication make the day to day a lot smoother and more manageable. 

P: Greg and Avi have been positive and encouraging throughout, constantly reminding us to keep going and opportunities will arise through hard work.

What do you do to maintain a healthy work and life balance when working from home? 

J: In order to maintain a healthy work/life balance at home during the pandemic, I try to work outside and facetime my children as much as possible. It’s essential to keep the family connected and support family members who find themselves feeling alone and uncertain of their future. A positive facetime or phone call can mean a lot! 

D: Generally, I have always included a work from home approach in my day to day, so the balance of my life still has the same goals; building my business while eating right and exercising is really important to me. As I’ve always been very active and conscious of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, I have just continued along that path. It boils down to taking the right amount of time for myself to maintain the energy needed. Enjoying the outside is key for me! 

P: I get out every day to walk my 10-month-old puppy!

How do YOU maintain a healthy work and life balance while working from home? Let us know in the comments below.

Peter Baugh - Vice President, Advisory Services | 416.636.8898 ext. 259

Peter Baugh – Vice President, Advisory Services | 416.636.8898 ext. 259

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Janis MacDougall – Sales Representative | 416.527.1080

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Daniel Gangbar – Vice President, Commercial Sales & Leasing | Sales Representative | 416.230.0269