2020 has been quite the year.

I could stop there, and everyone reading this message would know what I meant.

For me, the Holiday Season and the approaching end of 2020 has provided an opportunity to reflect on the year past and to look forward to a fresh start in January 2021.

It is likely accurate to state that every person has been adversely affected in some way by Covid-19, and that it is very hard not to define 2020 by the stressful events of this past year. However, for those that know me, you will agree that I make extra effort to focus on the positive events that occur each day in our personal and professional lives. I am proud to say that this narrative forms part of what it means to be a member of The Behar Group.

Looking back at 2020, these are so many things I have learned and moments and people I am grateful to know, work with and call friends. I hope that you spend some extra time over the next few weeks reflecting on how truly lucky we are. Even facing the challenges and losses of this past year, and there have been many, I still chose to look back warmly and to look forward with enthusiasm and hope.

2021 is going to start out tough as well. I think we all know this and must be ready for it. That said, know that along the tumultuous way, that there will be moments of joy, success, learning, evolution, enlightenment, and laughter.

May all of you and yours have a healthy and happy holiday season and a fantastic 2021.

Warmest wishes,

Greg Evans