At TBG, we greatly emphasize the importance of team building and working together to achieve ultimate success. We know that our agents are busy with their own schedule so we try and prioritize team outings and meetings as a way to reconnect, boost morale and create a family-oriented environment.

From our experience with our team building activities, we thought we’d share a few reasons as to why these events or non-traditional activities are great for team building.

  1. Getting to know each other better: Networking

In the world of real estate, networking is critical to the success of your business; the more people you know, the better. If you work for a brokerage and have a team of individuals alongside you, you can utilize their expertise and networks to help improve your own business. By getting to know your co-workers, or fellow agents, you can understand their skills and expertise and work together to accomplish big projects or mandates.

2. Boosting motivation, team morale and celebration

I think sometimes people downplay the importance of taking time to do activities outside of work. When your employer takes the time to plan an event for you, it shows appreciation and it’s a way to hangout in a stress free environment with fellow co-workers. Acknowledging your employees for their successes and showing them your appreciation is a really great and easy way to boost motivation throughout your business.

3. Communication and better collaboration

Although we have so many different mediums of communication now days, there’s nothing truly like having conversations face-to-face. When you have team building events, you learn more about your fellow co-workers from a non-working perspective, which can really help how you collaborate together in a working environment.

At TBG we love all that team building events have to offer and we also wanted to show you some of the ones we’ve been too!

Although we are so focused on work and how much we have to do, the value of team building and attending events outside of a work environment is so important.

What do you and your coworkers do for team building activities?!