We’ve moved into a culture where having an ordinary office just doesn’t do it anymore. We need something unique and fun but also functional. We have taken a virtual look at some of the coolest office spaces (in our humble opinion) that we think could draw inspiration for your own personal office space.

It’s so important to have an office space that you can get creative ideas flowing, you’re comfortable and it’s an area where you can really focus.

  1. ETSY

Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City

Size: 225,000 square feet

Etsy is your one stop shop for all things handmade or vintage. For unique, custom pieces, you can check out this e-commerce website and have access to different pieces from all over the world. It’s a great place for creative individuals who have the opportunity to sell their creations but also for consumers, who are able to purchase really cool, different items that you won’t be able to find in-store.

Why We Love It: This space is beautiful for so many reasons and I think it really showcases the mission of Etsy itself. Etsy is for all things creative, and their headquarters really embodies this with their tapestries, flower-wall garden and hanging ceiling installations.



Location: New York City, New York

Size: 12,436 square feet

GIPHY is an online platform that creates and produces digital content. If you’ve ever sent a text, WhatsApp message, posted on Twitter, and even more, there have been plenty of times where individuals have used these animated, silent, moving photos, known as .gifs to really show how they’re feeling. Gifs are a great way to make a conversation/emotion/comment about a particular topic much more interesting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and giphy really makes it true.

Why We Love It: The same way that Etsy’s headquarters embodies their brand and what they do, Giphy’s headquarters is the same. Their headquarters is a very colourful, open concept funky space. They make use of there offices to provide a fun, non-traditional collaborative space. When you look at some of the rooms at their office, it doesn’t even look like you’re at work with their comfy couches and cool colours.



Location: San Carlos, California

Size: 3,135 square feet

Lencioni Construction is a company based in San Carlos California and they specialize in high-end residential construction. Their goal is to bring their clients vision and highest aspirations to life through creating real-life and livable master pieces. The houses that they work on and create are absolute masterpieces, and their office really amplifies that message of modern beauty in physical buildings. Lencioni Construction hired architecture firm, Feldman Architecture to complete the interior design of their new headquarters.

Why We Love It: This office space really lives to the message of ‘modern luxury’. They use so many different architectural and construction elements, with the overall industrial vibe and the use of exposed building materials throughout the space. When looking at the photos, you’re just absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the interior space and all of its unique elements.



Location: Toronto, Ontario

Size: 17,000 square feet

Intrgrate.ai is a customer intelligence platform powered by automatic intelligence that helps consumer businesses make precise and accurate predictions about customer needs. Their ultimate goal is to develop stronger and better business outcomes for their clients through the use of highly powerful automatic intelligence. Through their extensive AI platform, they are able to help businesses predict, experiment and monitor customer interactions.

Why We Love It: For starter’s this offie space is located in Toronto, which is also home to TBG’s two office spaces. Their office space is modern, personal and takes a unique approach to what a traditional office space looks like. Majority of their space is dedicated to a collaborative work space where you can just sit down and work comfortably. Throughout the space, they have subtle pops of colours which creates a warm and welcoming environment.



Location: Toronto, Ontario

Size: 24,000 square feet

Another headquarters based in Toronto is home to all things beauty; COTY beauty is the parent brand of many subsidiary brands. If you have ever heard of Rimmel, Covergirl, OPI, Chloé, then those are just a few of the brands that they develop, manufacture and distribute products for. COTY is not limited to one beauty product but a whole line ranging from fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, nails, both professional and retail hair care products.

Why We Love It: Since COTY is related to all things beauty, their dedicated office space really showcases their love and passion for glitz and glamour. They have taken their spin on a traditional office space and have beautified it with select wallpapers, chandeliers and exquisite furniture. They also showcase their product lines and use it as beautiful accent pieces to the space.



Location: Toronto, Ontario

Size: 1,540 square feet

We would hope that after reading our blogs and checking up on us via social media, you would know what we do! But if not, Welcome to the Behar Group Buzz and to The Behar Group Realty Inc. We are a boutique brokerage that specializes in commercial listings. We deal with tenants, buyers and sellers and are here to help you with all your commercial real estate needs!

Why We Love it: We recently opened up our Downtown Toronto office, located on Duncan Street and we couldn’t be happier. It’s steps away from so many restaurants, stores and cafes so it’ll make any day at work a fun one. Our open concept space has tons of bright window light and it’s antique style architecture mixed with our modern design, makes it a really unique and beautiful working space. We had Mio Behar, wife of our CEO, Avi Behar, who is also an interior designer, decorate the space for us and we couldn’t be happier.

If you want more details on our beautiful office space, check out our blog post here.

There are thousands of offices and headquarters located all across North America, but these are just some of the ones that really stood out to us. Every office space has a unique twist that really showcases the work environment and mission of the company itself.

What are some of your favourite offices?