Whether our agents are taking clients to a meeting, grabbing a quick bite while reading emails, or a lunch get-together with the team, we decided to find some of the best (and delicious) restaurants near our downtown office.


Distance from our office: 290m | 4 minute walk

If you’re in the mood for tacos, drinks and a good time, La Carnita is the place to go. With it’s lively atmosphere and just in front of their sister company, Sweet Jesus you can go for tacos and a sweet treat. They have a few locations throughout Toronto but they have exclusive menu items that can only be found at certain locations. They also have a great lunch menu deal on a pre-fixed menu where you can get an app, two tacos and a dessert for just $16.99.


Distance from our office: 270m | 4 minute walk

Planta has three locations in Downtown Toronto and each restaurant has a different spin. Planta on Queen is a vegan restaurant with an Asian-inspired twist. For those of you who aren’t vegan, this is still an amazing place to try out. They have so many different options and the ambiance and interior design is really a spectacular to see. If you have any friends, business partners, clients or colleagues who have any dietary restrictions, Planta is a great place to take them. This upscale and unique restaurant is great for sitting down with your guests and enjoying some great food and drinks.


Distance from our office: 180m | 2 minute walk

Some of the best, made-in-house burgers can be found at this joint. Burger Priest makes some of the best burgers I have ever had, and TBG actually helped them expand across Ontario, so they have an extra special place in our hearts. Burger Priest is great for a quick, easy and fast meal that you can eat there or bring it back to the office if you have any meetings you have to attend during your lunch hour. Another cool feature of this location is you can order online and just pick it up— avoid all the hassle but enjoy a great meal.

4. PAI

Distance from our office: 110m | 1 minute walk

Chef Nuit Regular and her husband own a couple of Thai-inspired restaurants across Toronto and her goal was to create a night market inspired Northern Thai restaurant. Accompanying their delicious food, the atmosphere is so lively as it imitates the street markets in Thailand. At this sit down restaurant, they recommend that their dishes be eaten family style, so that everyone has the opportunity to try a variety of items. This place is great for team outings or reconnecting with clients as you can discuss important matters while eating delicious food!


Distance from our office: 220m | 3 minute walk

Figo is a contemporary Italian restaurant with a modern touch. Aside from their delicious, quality-ingredient food items, their modern atmosphere and design is absolutely breathtaking. Aside from taking lunch during the work week, they also have a great weekend brunch menu so you can happily visit all week long! Figo has a mix of homemade pastas, pizzas and more. There goal is to use the best ingredients possible in a modern and simple way.

If you’re ever near our office, or want to catch up with some colleagues or friends, one of these restaurants will be sure to satisfy your cravings.