We’d like to introduce you to our newest sales representative, Martin Scott!

What made you want to go into real estate?

Real estate was always a family pursuit. Since the 1980’s my family has been involved in buying properties to improve, rent and sell. From design and build to managing, marketing and selling, real estate has been in my blood.

How many years have you been in the industry?

I have decades of experience in property management and almost ten years in real estate sales.

Do you have any advice for young professionals that may want to enter the real estate world, or people that may not be sure of what they want to do in the future?

Look inside to discover your passion. Be relentless in its pursuit. Don’t be afraid to fail as that is the only way to learn and grow. Be positive.

How has the industry grown and improved since you first begun working as an agent?

Marketing through modern technology is an ever-changing paradigm. From social media to technological advancements in information transmission and the quality therein, technology continues immersing the client in ever enriched experiences.

What’s your favourite part about being an agent?

Meeting people, being a partner in success, discovering creative solutions to marketing challenges.

What’s your favourite area of the city?

Other than 1170 Sheppard Ave W #24, North York, ON M3K 2A3 (Our north office)…

I like the north end of the city, Vaughan and Woodbridge. Space and the potential for growth are exciting aspects of our changing vista.

Have you faced any major challenges in work or life in general that have shaped who you are today?

Adversity is one of my most trusted side-kicks. Each of us are challenged by obstacles to come up with creative solutions. Through facing adversity our true character is revealed. Both on the soccer field and in business, meeting the challenge prepares for the next opportunity.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m a passionate soccer observer and former player and coach. I enjoy painting, cooking, baking, table tennis and billiards.

Where would you see yourself working if it weren’t for real estate?

Marketing and Sales.

If you could travel to any place on earth, where would it be and why?

Cleveland. Why? cheese dogs.

Is there something you’d like to tell us that might surprise us about you? Any special skills or hobbies?

I’m a half-decent painter.

You’re happiest when…?

Busy, engaged, meeting people, solving problems.

Want to connect with Martin? He can be reached at mscott@thebehargroup.com