On Saturday May 26, 2018, Yosi received an honourary Doctorate of Business by Canada Christian College largely as a result of his great work in bringing together the Muslim communities in Canada in honour and in peace.

Yosi accepting his degree. 

Yosi accepting his degree. 

Yosi has worked on countless projects throughout his over 50 years in the real estate industry, but the most gratifying real estate deal to him was the role he played in establishing what is not only the first Muslim cemetery in the Greater Toronto Area, but the first all-Muslim cemetery in the world.

The Toronto Muslim Cemetery is unique in extending services to Sh’ias, Sunnis, Hamdiyas and Ismalis alike. This coordinated effort was especially meaningful to Yosi because he truly believes that communities can work together and can live in harmony. As Yosi is fond of pointing out, it took an Israeli Jew to bring together four Muslim communities.

Yosi Behar is a profoundly spiritual man. He is a leader in his synagogue and in his community. Yosi supports numerous charities, both secular and non-secular.

Congratulations, Yosi!