The real estate and development world isn’t new to me. What is new is the plethora of online content created DAILY for brokers, sales reps, landlords and tenants to absorb. There is so much information out there, that at times it becomes overwhelming to sift through. Well, today your lucky stars have aligned, because as a communications professional, I did a bit of the dirty work for you.

Inspired by commercial real estate writer, Duke Long and his list of top commercial real estate blogs you must read, I’ve put together a list for you of my favourite ones, along with a description of each.

You might be thinking, why is this even important Jen? I don’t have time to read this when all I want to do is help clients.

My response is simple: when working in the field, it’s important to know the latest news in your industry in order to stay relevant to further assist your clients’ wants and needs.

Top blogs (other than Duke Long’s…)

  1. Michael Beckerman

“I’m obsessed with anything related to content marketing. Equally passionate about all things real estate tech.”

  1. CRE Tech

“Technology is changing the commercial real estate business… we will help you uncover the value propositions of emerging technologies and how they align with the needs of your property stakeholders and tenants”

  1. Urban Land Magazine

“Information from your peers and colleagues in real estate and land use”

  1. The Broker List

“Opt-in way to unite CRE organizations and the affiliated members”

  1. Coy Davidson (The Tennant Advisor)

“Commercial real estate professional who has an interest in tech and economics”  

  1. The Source, A commercial real estate blog

“Voice of The National Association of Realtors. We discuss advocacy, education, research, tech and networking”

  1. Allen C. Buchanan

“Blogs, Vlogs and gives advice for owners and occupants”

  1. Box Thoughts

“My main goal for the site is to focus my thoughts around everything that is Corporate/Commercial Real Estate”

Now that I’ve given you my favourite CRE blogs, here’s my advice moving forward: READ THEM.

Reach out to a few of the founders and writers. Offer to write an article, or two, on a topic you’re passionate about. Perhaps, a “day in the life of a broker” piece, or an article on “the importance of networking.” Writing will help get your name out there, which will help you to establish yourself further as a professional in the real estate world.

Happy reading. Happy writing.

Are there any blogs that aren’t on my list that you follow regularly? Let me know by emailing me, Jen, at