What do a communications agency and a commercial real estate brokerage have in common?

This type of question may sound funny and the parallels unlikely. But in fact, we share one fundamental goal: to help fuel our clients’ business growth. This, in turn, fuels the growth of our own businesses.

While we all know this to be true, what’s also true is human tendency to stay within the comfort zones of our own perspectives.  Secured a perfect location for my best client, CHECK. Got a great article written  in the Globe and Mail on behalf of a client. CHECK. However, these results are only great if they ladder up to a client’s overall business objectives.  

In both the worlds of corporate real estate and communications, it is important to gain a 360 degree understanding of a client’s goals in order to make sure their real estate strategy is designed to achieve them.

Ultimately, in both our lines of business, we need to become indispensable to our clients so that we are an essential part of their team when they are mapping out their plans.

I’ve compiled a list of six questions you may wish to ask your clients to gain a big-picture perspective of their businesses and in turn, position yourself as their best partner in growth:

  1. How can we help you make more money (or, grow bigger, better, faster…)?

  2. What are the specific business targets you are working towards? e.g. sales, number of store openings…

  3. How familiar is your target with your brand right now?

  4. Which competitors are vying for your target audience(s)?

  5. What are the one or two things you wish your audience(s) knew about your business? What communications are currently in place to make them aware?

  6. What actions do you want your audience(s) to take?

Written by: Amy Laski, President, Felicity PR

Written by: Amy Laski, President, Felicity PR