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  • Tenant - Noodlebox
  • Region - Ontario
  • Suggested Size - 1,300-1,500 sq ft
  • Immediate Goal - Guelph, Kitchener, Liberty Village, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo
  • Agent - Kelly Farraj

Real food,
Made fresh,
With fire.
Our bold dishes start with delicious and nutritious ingredients because we believe real food is at the heart of great food.

We’ve been concerned by the rise of the processed food generation and the departure of nutritious food sources. We are dismayed by the number of restaurants offering fast service with low quality ingredients or food sitting in warmers for hours. Our kitchens want to reverse that trend.

What we will always do best is prepare real food, by hand – made from fresh ingredients like non-gmo vegetables. Our special sauces are house made, with no added MSG or preservatives. We make each dish to order to ensure we can take care of allergy and dietary concerns. Our wok cooking embraces a 2000 year old tradition a skill that some say you are born with. We embrace the art of cooking with fire. The intense heat cooks fast and helps enhance the total nutritional value of all ingredients.

We support sustainable & ethical producers that deliver a premium product with trusted transparency. Like Heritage Farms that raises chicken without the use of antibiotics, with a 100% vegetable diet, with absolutely no fillers. We believe that real food is always at the heart of great food.