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  • Tenant - Arby’s
  • Region - Ontario
  • Suggested Size - 1,600-2,300 sq ft
  • Immediate Goal - Georgetown, Guelph, Hamilton Region, Milton, West GTA
  • Agents - Karen Koenig, Kelly Farraj

Site Requirements:

  • Target Markets: West GTA including Georgetown, Milton, Hamilton Region and Guelph (other areas will be considered as well).

  • Site Type: Fast-food restaurant. Free-standing or End-Cap preferred. DRIVE-THRU Mandatory! Patio desirable but optional.

  • Pylon Signage: Allowed signage is the same as or better than adjacent competitors. Pylon Signage Mandatory!

  • Anchors: Site has one or more adjacent anchors such as big box retailers, proximity to daily needs generators such as grocers and proximity to lifestyle generators such as furnishing or home goods stores. Locations with other food options.

  • Traffic & Pedestrians: Greater than 20,000 AADT on primary streets at major intersections.

  • Population: High population counts for lunch and dinner

  • Visibility: Building location allows maximum visibility from the primary street. Site topography does not locate building below the street level. A slightly elevated position is preferred. Existing or required landscaping will not obscure building.

  • Surrounding Area: Near Industrial, Offices/Other Workplaces, Universities & Colleges, Cinemas and Sports Complexes.

  • Other Notes: Will also consider land purchases and land leases.

Tenant Information:

Arby’s, founded in 1964, is the first nationally franchised sandwich restaurant brand, with more than 3,300 restaurants worldwide. The Arby’s brand purpose is “Inspiring Smiles Through Delicious Experiences™.” Arby’s delivers on its purpose by celebrating the art of Meatcraft™ with a variety of high-quality proteins paired with crave-able sides, such as Curly Fries and Jamocha shakes. 

We believe Arby’s occupies a unique position in the restaurant industry we call Fast Crafted™. We offer superior service and quality versus a typical QSR while borrowing on the aesthetics of a Fast Casual restaurant. We define Fast Crafted™ as quality, affordable food that is quickly, yet skillfully prepared. The experience is warm, welcoming and convenient.

Tenant Website: