• Yosi Behar - Founder | Broker

    As Founder of The Behar Group, Yosi has been an active real estate representative and broker in Ontario for 40 years, with overwhelming success.  He has coordinated and completed numerous transactions for such companies as Bell Canada, Runnymede Development Corporation Limited, Imperial Oil, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, Tribute Homes, Royop Corporation, Petro-Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, The Bank of Montreal, Liberty Developments, Minuk Construction, and Metrus Development.

    Yosi’s current mandates include acting as real estate advisor for The Brick Furniture Stores, Volvo Canada, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Lexus/Toyota, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki. He prides himself on his impeccable reputation for service, integrity, perseverance, and loyalty to his valued clientele.

  • Avi Behar - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer | Broker

    Avi’s career in real estate started in 1995. Since then, he has been involved in commercial, industrial, and investment transactions on all levels. Avi is an energetic and highly trusted industry leader with an optimistic outlook and impeccable reputation. He directs The Behar Group with a constant eye towards new business opportunities, particularly for land acquisition and development. A sought-after innovator, speaker, and moderator, Avi attracts and conducts high-level business with premier developers and major tenancies. His network of mandated relationships on both the landlord and tenant sides are his continual focus as he helps position The Behar Group for excellence in commercial development, business culture, and responsible corporate citizenship.

  • Greg Evans - President | Broker of Record

    Since joining The Behar Group in 2002, Greg has provided only the highest level of professional care to all clients. Whether for large developers, independent investors and landlords, small business owners, or AAA tenants, Greg demonstrates exceptional patience and intelligence while working on any transaction. His expertise in marketing and strategic planning have played a critical role in the growth of The Behar Group’s leasing and acquisition divisions, and continue to infuse his oversight and management of The Behar Group’s advisory services. Greg takes great pride in his extensive relationships within the shopping center industry, which enable him to help category-leading tenants, many outside Ontario, become successfully established in Canadian markets.

  • Michael J. Saperia - Senior Vice President | Broker

    Michael J. Saperia is the Senior Vice President of The Behar Group Realty Inc., Brokerage. As part of the Executive Team, Michael assists in the strategizing and execution of the business plans for The Behar Group’s Landlord Services, Advisory Services and Capital Markets divisions.

    With 30 years of real estate experience Michael has been involved in a wide range of commercial, industrial, investment and mixed-use development projects. Since joining The Behar Group in 2008, Michael has made significant contributions to the extraordinary growth of The Behar Group throughout the Golden Horseshoe, with specific emphasis on the GTA.

    Michael has been consistently successful in both management and the field by combining diligence, professionalism and extensive product knowledge with exceptional sales ability and communication skills.

    Michael’s business acumen has been honed by his considerable experience in a range of endeavors prior to becoming a real estate broker. After graduating with degrees from both York University and the University of Toronto, Michael was the Managing Editor of a publishing company, the Vice President of Marketing for an international manufacturing and distribution company and the co-founder of Canada’s first pet pharmacy.

Professional Team

  • Afarin Radjaei - VP, Sales, Broker

    For 22 years Afarin has served as a Sales Representative, Broker and friend to her wide network of trusted and loyal clients. Equipped with a unique mastery over each of the most challenging domains in Real Estate, Afarin has a proven record of getting the job done exactly the way her clients envision it, and no less. It becomes immediately clear to anyone who meets her that Afarin is among the rare professionals who truly thrive off making her client’s dreams a reality. With each successful transaction boosting her energy and love for her craft, her continued effectiveness in the field is but a testament to the passion that propels her forward each day.

    Afarin’s unwaveringly rigorous approach to real estate transactions are rooted in her years of practising perfectionism and attention to detail as a professional photographer and gallery curator. She has been cultivating her negotiating skills since these early days in the art world, where she rose to the top with razor-sharp focus and quick wit achieving a position in the top 1% of Toronto’s agents. Afarin possesses a P.H.D. in Fine Arts and approaches her Real Estate career with advanced skills in research and planning. Her clients maintain that her rare multifaceted skill set is perhaps the key to her success: a Broker with an honest face and a fearless, never tiring mind. A Broker that us always encouraging her clients to dream bigger – transforming their wildest ambitions into reality.

  • Ali Hojjati - Sales Representative

    Bio coming soon.

  • Anne Araujo - General Manager

    After dedicating 15 years to a busy accounting firm, and working 10 years as a retail and provisioning outlet manager in the British Virgin Islands, Anne took a much-deserved two-year hiatus to spend time with her beautiful daughter Vivian.

    Anne joined The Behar Group in January of 2004 and has since helped steer the office in the right direction – continually adding to the professional, dynamic, and progressive Behar Group environment.

  • Arash Bahrami - Broker

    With a career spanning over 15 years, Arash has been involved in real estate development, marketing and sales, financing, entrepreneurial start-ups and manufacturing. As a broker Arash has represented many developers, independent investors, builders and end users. He has employed his market knowledge, skills and experience to complete many successful transactions and projects, winning multiple awards.

    Completing a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto, Arash later continued his education with an MBA from Schulich School of Business, specialising in “Real Estate Development and Infrastructure” in 2009.

    As a commercial real estate Broker, Arash’s approach has been unique for each client. He has worked with many businesses in process of expansion or relocation, negotiated many commercial purchase or lease contracts and played a key role in multiple business start-ups.

  • Aryeh Rosenzweig - Sales Representative

    Aryeh graduated from the University of Guelph in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  While in university in Guelph, Aryeh managed a small residential real estate portfolio.  This helped him learn how exciting the industry can be.

    Aryeh has excelled in high school sports, notably reaching the semi-finals in the Ontario Tennis Championship, Rexall Centre, York University, competing at the age of 13 year. Aryeh also applied team ethics to extra-curricular hockey, soccer and baseball over the years.

    Aryeh is committed to making commercial real estate his focus, all the while learning from the experienced team he works with.


  • Attila Schwarze - Sales Representative

    Attila has had the privilege of developing his expertise in an international arena. Before joining The Behar Group in 2010, Attila contributed to industries such as CBT (computer-based training) programming, multimedia, design, custom organizational software sales, and predictive analytics. The balance between his pragmatism and creativity has been fundamental to his success.

    His ability to see a client’s perspective, coupled with his experience crafting ‘easy to use’ solutions to complex problems, have proven invaluable to his knack for surpassing client expectations. Attila continues to pride himself on the level of service he provides.

  • Barbara Kless - Vice President, Retail Leasing | Sales Representative

    Barbara was raised in Montreal and moved to Toronto to pursue a career in the hotel and restaurant industries. Since graduating in 1987 from the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Ryerson University, she has developed a strong background working in quick-service restaurants, from serving as Director of Operations for Subway, to selling franchises and securing and negotiating real estate for Mr. Sub.

    In 2005, she sold off company stores for Pizza Hut, ultimately pursuing a real estate license and working with PMG Realty Corp. for six years.

    Barbara joined The Behar Group in September of 2011 as a sales representative, and is currently active in many facets of commercial real estate, from acquisitions, leasing, and tenant mandates, to development and franchise opportunities.

  • Christie DeBolt - Vice President, Advisory Services

    Christie DeBolt has spent 30 years in commercial property management and brokerage. She is currently part of our advisory team. Christie has extensive experience in volunteer fundraising for a variety of non-profit causes. She has a strong track record and keen interest in partnership development and relationship building.

  • Daniel Gangbar - Vice President, Commercial Sales & Leasing | Sales Representative


    After completing his undergraduate degree in economics, Daniel became a licensed real estate agent in the early 1990s. In 1999 he joined LNR Corporation, a company specializing in office tenant representation, where he first honed his negotiation and communication skills. In 2001 he joined Esbin Realty Corporation, a landlord-based service company specializing in retail and office leasing, and investment sales. In his 14 years at Esbin, Daniel developed expertise in representing not only landlords and sellers, but tenants and buyers. His diverse clientele there included independent tenants, large and small buyers and investors, and corporate clients such as the National Bank of Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

    Daniel demonstrates his talent for solidifying business relationships by providing outstanding service and attention to detail through a wide range of transactions, including, but not limited to, intricate agreements of purchase and sale for owner/user scenarios and investment properties; offers to lease for new tenants; renewal agreements of existing leases; and subleasing. In every transaction, Daniel draws on his keen sense of value to help promote his client’s position in the market. Whether Daniel is representing one or both parties to the transaction, his commitment to excellence ensures that all undertakings required for a successful competition are in the best interests of his clients.

  • Gabriel Law - Director of Corporate Services & Operations

    In 2011, Gabriel graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He has worked in an administrative capacity for Scotiabank, and acquired construction-oriented work experience at companies specializing in structural underpinning, residential and commercial painting, and automotive detailing. Gabriel joined The Behar Group in January 2012, and is excited to be supporting the team with research and development analysis.

    When away from the office, Gabriel enjoys mechanical work, wood-working, sailing, hiking, Auto X, hi-fidelity audio, restoring “rusty gold,” and camping in the great outdoors.

  • Janis MacDougall - Sales Representative

    With over 30 years of Real Estate experience I have always been driven to serve the needs of my customers, and this professionalism and drive aligns perfectly with the values of #teambehar.

    My in-depth knowledge of Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Airport Leasing, and Franchising across Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean has assisted industry leading brands in expanding their market share in competitive markets.

    In my past experience I have successfully represented such major corporations such as LS Travel Retail North America (representing 30 airport brands), McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Pizza Pizza Ltd., Quizno’s Canada, Mac’s Convenience Stores, Manchu Wok (Canada) Inc. and Meridian Credit Union to name a few.

    I am currently proud to be working with Fat Bastard Burrito in assisting them in their 2019 -2020 expansion objectives.

    I believe my experience working with major landlords, retailers, brokers and lawyers along with my experience in site selection, lease negotiations, construction and development (including zoning and site plan approval) will serve well in delivering the best for my customers.

  • Jeannine McLaughlin - Broker

    Jeannine McLaughlin’s extensive real estate background goes back over 30 years and includes her position as Vice President of Leasing and Development for Euromart Management Group until 1998. Jeannine has since operated as a Real Estate Broker with expertise in Commercial Leasing and Sales and Business Sales and Franchising.

  • Jeff Yasny - Sales Representative

    Jeff’s professionalism, diligence and integrity are consistently displayed in his interactions with his real estate clientele.  These qualities have proven to be very successful in his practice as a board certified dental anaesthesiologist.  His educational accomplishments include a degree from the University of Western Ontario, a doctoral degree from the University of Toronto, hospital residency at the University of Michigan, international lecturer, and published author.  He holds the unique distinction of being the only person to complete a dental anaesthesia residency, fellowship, and become an Assistant Professor, at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

    While living in Manhattan for 17 years, Jeff expanded his interests beyond the academic environment.  He acquired an appreciation for land development and other commercial real estate opportunities.  His reliability, attention to detail, and commitment to an endeavour have translated well beyond healthcare.  His ability to listen, understand and fulfill the needs of his clients is gratifying to all parties.  Returning to his native Toronto, Jeff continues to take pride in helping people and providing practical strategies to overcome obstacles.  He enjoys the collaborative effort and the dedication involved in achieving success for his clients.

  • Jennifer Armel - Director of Marketing & Communications

    A graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University’s honours communication studies degree program and Seneca College’s postgraduate corporate communications/PR program, Jennifer has a passion for helping businesses get their messages out clearly, concisely and accurately using an array of communications techniques. Jennifer’s love of writing/blogging, social media and relationship-building have helped various organizations reach their target audiences with sharp and meaningful information.

  • Jordan Kay - Sales Representative

    With 25 years of corporate experience Jordan brings a wealth of business acumen to The Behar Group. Since joining the Capital Markets team in October of 2016 Jordan has focused on identifying new business opportunities, particularly for land acquisition and development for a wide range of commercial, industrial, investment and mixed-use development projects.

    After graduating with degrees from both York University (BA) and the Schulich School of Business (MBA), and prior to his transition to commercial real estate, Jordan was the co-founder of a technology startup focused on software automation, the Director of Mobile Acceptance at Visa, and the Vice President of Mobile Transaction Solutions for MasterCard.

  • Kapil Rana - Sales Representative

    Kapil is a real estate professional whose expert knowledge and market sensitivity are a vital resource for clients looking for the perfect real estate investment. Having grown up in a family focussed on real estate, Kapil obtained his license in 2004. For several years, he worked as a residential agent. His primary focus is now on commercial sales and mixed-use redevelopment projects.

    Kapil takes great pride in his work. He strives to create the best possible experience for each of his clients. He firmly believes that communication is key, and that listening is the most important part of communication. His work relationships are partnerships in which he and his clients make arriving at the ideal transaction an informative and productive journey.

  • Kelly Farraj - Vice President, Tenant Services | Sales Representative

    In his ten years of experience in restaurant development, notably for franchises such as Cora and Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Kelly’s responsibilities included finding the perfect location for franchisees and negotiating leases all over Canada. In 2014, he decided to take his already extensive knowledge of location scouting and lease negotiation into the exciting world of commercial real estate.

    Kelly is passionate, hardworking, and sensitive to his clients’ needs. He looks forward to using his exceptional communication and customer service skills to ensure his clients’ success.

  • Laura Bock - Reception

    Bio coming soon.

  • Martin Scott - Sales Representative

    Martin traces his first involvement in real estate back to the 80’s when buy, fix, rent and sell were family past times. This definitely was not a “hands off” exercise. After a career in sales and marketing, Martin worked for the past ten years in residential real estate, always thrilled to provide excellence in service and deliver similar results for his clients. The Behar Group’s boutique environment is an ideal fit when moving back into more familiar ground, providing personal service in a B2B setting. Highly personable, enthusiastic and always positive, Martin looks forward to breaking new ground in commercial real estate.

    Outside the office, Martin continues his life long love affair with The Beautiful Game – on and off the field.

  • Matthew Brown - Sales Representative

    Matthew graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Political Science and a post graduate certificate from George Brown’s Sport and Event Marketing program. Matthew is excited to be joining The Behar Group team as a sales representative after a successful track record in the sport and event management industry over several years. He brings with him a wealth of experience in operations and project management, strategic planning and marketing.

    Matthew has had the opportunity to work closely with property managers, landlords and executives specializing in leasing negotiations and finance, site operations and problem resolution. Matthew feels that these skills coupled with his passion for real estate, outstanding commitment to service and desire to consistently learn and evolve have prepared him to be successful in this exciting career path.

  • Matthew Goldsman - Director, Commercial Sales and Leasing | Sales Representative

    In 2011, Matthew graduated from Fanshawe College with a diploma in construction engineering technology management. Having spent two years in the construction industry, his interests in eco-friendly technology have grown to become a catalyst for learning more about commercial realty and its impact on green construction. Matt plans to combine his construction experiences and real estate knowledge in pursuit of a well-rounded career. Matt is a detail-oriented professional and creative thinker who is looking forward to putting his strong communications skills to work at exceeding client expectations.

  • Meshesha Robel - Director, New Homes | Broker

    Meshesha Robel has been in the real estate industry all of his working life. A real estate investor since his early twenties, he went to school to study construction engineering. Having thoroughly studied different types of real estate investment vehicles, including REITS, he is well adept at navigating real estate capital markets. Meshesha loves this business, a love that is evident in his detail-oriented approach to servicing clients and performing due diligence on all real estate deals. He is energetic and full of passion for this business, and he would love to help you with your real estate needs.


  • Rami Kozman - Director, Landlord Services | Sales Representative

    Rami began his career as a commercial real estate lawyer with a boutique Bay Street firm where he specialized in retail and office leasing, and acquisitions and dispositions. Rami’s legal background provided him with experience in negotiation and client satisfaction, but his entrepreneurial thirst and passion for deal-making led him to join The Behar Group in September of 2014. In addition to providing diligent, professional, and conscientious service, Rami approaches his work with dedication and enthusiasm.

    Rami is also a contributor to UrbanToronto.ca, the GTA’s premier website for discussion of urban development and real estate, having written published articles on topics ranging from planning and infrastructure to condominium and office development.

  • Reza Yazdy - Broker

    Reza is dedicated to giving clients “First Class” professional service and honest advice, enabling  them to make sound  financial  decisions in the sale and purchase of real estate. He is driven and energetic with over 25 years experience in real estate industry. Highly adept at building excellent working relationships with lenders, appraisers, title companies, surveyors and attorneys.

  • Rob Eklove - Vice President, Urban Retail | Sales Representative

    Following nearly twenty years of owning and operating several restaurants in downtown Toronto, in 2013 Rob made what was for him a natural transition to the world of commercial real estate. As a former tenant, along with his expertise in responding to clients’ needs, Rob draws on a wealth of experience dealing successfully with landlords. He brings to the commercial real estate landscape great confidence in providing clients with exceptional service, and looks forward to growing professionally with the outstanding Behar Group team.

  • Ron Fehler - Sales Representative

    Ron Fehler is a seasoned entrepreneur bringing over 40 years of business development experience to The Behar Group. Since emigrating to Canada in 1981, Ron has built a number of marketing and technology businesses, providing a variety of services to local and multinational organizations. He attributes most of his success to his clients, who gave him the foresight and direction to create and develop superior products, enabling them to succeed.

    After many successful years as a strategic advisor, Ron embarked on a career in real estate to promote his client’s interest and goals in the real estate market. Ron will focus on business development for land acquisition, commercial investment and start-up real estate growth planning.

    Ron’s personal passion for technology has led him to volunteer as an advisor for clean-technology startups at the MaRS innovation centre in downtown Toronto. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and Technology from the Witwatersrand University. Ron is a proud grandfather who is driven by his family and his work. On weekends, you can find him on the golf course in the summer and on the curling rink in the winter.

  • Sharon Cooper - Sales Representative | Commercial Sales & Leasing

    Sharon Cooper has a wealth of experience in urban retail leasing and infill land/investment property sales. For the last 10+ years she has focused on the brokerage side using her fresh outlook on real estate and trend forecasting to expose up and coming areas as retail locations for investors and tenants as well as uncovering sites for mixed use developments. One of her biggest accomplishments was recommending a building at Portland and King to a restaurant client – this sale transformed a derelict building into the highly successful and award-winning Gusto 101.

    With an education from the University of Western Ontario and a background in marketing and advertising, Sharon applies her skills and experience to increase leasing revenues for landlords and fills long vacant spaces with best in class tenancies.

    Sharon is currently a member of ULI Toronto and a Board Director for Skin Cancer Canada.

  • Tania Nicoletti - Project Support Services

    Tania holds a Fashion Business Management diploma. She joined The Behar Group in 2017, bringing with her an extensive fashion retail management experience for major retailers such as Banana Republic and Winners.

    After having two children, she became fascinated by the education system and has held the position of Education Director for three years at a private school.