Yosi Behar unites Jews and Muslims in a groundbreaking real estate deal

September 30, 2011

The groundbreaking ceremony of the first Muslim cemetery in the Greater Toronto Area took place on September 18, 2011.  It was a historic occasion, one of the most moving aspects of which is the friendship that has formed between the Chair of the Cemetery Committee (Sabi Ahsan, a real estate agent who is a devoted member of his mosque) and the landowner who brokered the deal (Yosi Behar, an Israeli Jewish Canadian). Their mutual admiration and respect goes well beyond a business relationship. Their bond is a model of what it means to live in Canada (and they both spoke of this at the ceremony, which was attended by municipal, provincial, and federal dignitaries, many of whom had helped the pair achieve this remarkable goal). Both men are committed to unity within their own communities and between the Jewish and Muslim communities and the wider community in Canada. Hopefully their bond is a sign of things to come for the success of the project.

The story of  Yosi and Sabi has already been broadcast on television and other media, and will no doubt continue to be shared around the world.  We at The Behar Group hope to see more ‘good news’ stories about Muslim/Jewish relations highlighted in the media in and beyond the coming year. There are many stories to tell as we work towards marginalizing those who wish to divide us, and empowering those who are messengers of peace and harmony.

The Behar Group partner Bee Media inks deal with Calloway REIT, finalizing others

September 23, 2011

After a successful summer that saw Behar Group partner Bee Media sign a cross-Canada deal with Calloway REIT, Bee Media is looking forward to attending Toronto’s International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) 2011 Conference, set to take place this fall, October 19-21.  Bee Media is currently in the process of finalizing deals with numerous national and international developers and owners.  The company is an opt-in mobile marketing service that delivers location-specific offers and shopping tools to consumers on their mobile devices–whether they’re in or near a retail outlet, or in the common area of a shopping mall or other venue.

Bee Media can help:

  • Deliver greater value to tenants
  • Drive shoppers from the common areas into stores to increase sales
  • Gain powerful insights on traffic counts and patterns to maximize lease rates
  • Offer consumers an enriched shopping experience with helpful shopping tools to build loyalty
  • Leverage a single app that works in all locations