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Local Eatery & Refuge

  • Tenant - Local Eatery & Refuge
  • Region - Canada
  • Suggested Size - 4,500 - 5,000 sq ft
  • Immediate Goal - Toronto
  • Agents - Attila Schwarze, Avi Behar

LOCAL’s Eatery & Refuge offers an urban, casual dining experience that provides the best of the past with current food trends. Their culinary team focuses on using fresh ingredients providing the the most flavourful, satisfying meals exceeding customer expectations.

LOCAL’s highlights vintage spirits and cocktails of the past and present, honouring great bartenders and the beverages they have created; grand and full of potential.

The LOCAL experience includes an enjoyable and lively atmosphere, big screen televisions and genuine service.

Sites require 4,500-5,500 square feet in high profile, high traffic locations, with patio.